Dimension of Placement:W480*D400mm
Bearing capacity:100kg over


An ideal treatment for vibration
An ideal structure for under board is to top vibration convey to the floor, and reversed vibration back from the floor. It does not matter what kind of material and structure is used inside the board, it still makes the played backed sound from the speaker very dirty.

Top board is placed on top of the polypropylene particle filler. This makes the floating structure of YST-64. Any vibrations from the speaker travels through the surface of top board and reaches the polypropylene particle filler.
Polypropylene particle absorbs vibration and changes into thermal energy.
This makes the sound from the speaker extremely clear.

Cost down but kept the sound quality!
We chose the system of having the user to assemble the YST-64 by their self.
This lead to price down, but kept excellent sound quality. The top board is made from Birch plywood from Finland. Also Birch plywood keeps the price very low and excellent sound quality!

Load-resistant is over 100kg!
YST-64 is extremely rigid even its floating structure.It can take speakers which weighs over 100kg and still keeps absorbing vibration.

Adjust sound according to your taste!
YST-64 is self assemble kit, so you can adjust according to your taste of sound.
For example, change the material of the top board to metal or other types of wood. You can also change the material of polypropylene filler to sand, lead and etc.