Writers' Choice Award 2010"on US hi-fi magazine "Positive Feedback"
"High Fidelity" selected the above combination as the Best Products2010 in accessory category.
Visual Grand Prix 2009 Summer Gold Award for COX-1.0PA
Visual Grand Prix 2009 Summer Gold Award for SPC-PA
Visual Grand Prix 2009 Summer Gold Award for XLR-1.0PA II
Visual Grand Prix 2009 Summer Award for RCA-1.0PA
French Magazine “Revue Du Son” 5 Stars Recommande Award for speaker cable “SPC-PA”
2009 Audio Excellence Award Cable Category Top Award for “XLR1.0PAII”
2008 MJ Technology of the Year Accessory Category Excellence Award for “XLR-1.0PAII”
U.S Audiophile Magazine "The Stereo Times" Most Wanted Components Award 2008
Audio Excellence Award Prize 2007
Audio Excellence Award Prize 2003/2004 for accessories category
MJ Technology of the year 2004

High evaluation reviews!
RCA-1.0PA・SPC-PA review by "positive feedback"
RCA-1.0PA・XLR-1.0PAⅡ review by "The Stereo Times"
Cable review by U.S magazine "Affordable Audio"
SPC-PA received an Award from The Stereo Times!
Review of Single Core Cable Series from France!

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Episode of using Single Core Cable by recording enginner Tomoo Suzuki

The air floating structure that does not disturb energy transmission
ACOUSTIC REVIVE made a air floating structure to a wide sound and sound quality with a feel of distinguished energy. The reason why we adopted air floating structure, that is because some energetic transmission reaches the cable other then electric current transmission its self. Many cable manufacture filled up the surrounding of the cable by rubber or resin to suppress vibration of cable in itself. But this spoils the energy transmission. This leads to sound loosing a feel of energy.

Natural silk tube developed which retains a feeling of life without harming sound quality
We got the biggest silk maker in Japan to develop the natural silk tube. This silk tube is a buffer material which establish the air layer. This gives a feeling of life without harming the sound quality.
The influence of what material is used near the conductor is very big. Some cable manufacture uses PVC as a butter material, which is particularly worst. This is why we adopted natural silk.

The flexible Teflon coating steel tube which brings the perfect shield effect without side effects

An assortment line has been used for a shield until now. Even assortment shield said to be high assortment percentage, actually there is a lot of gaps. So perfect shield effects are absolutely impossible. In addition, straying electric current occurs on assortment line, same as twist line.
Which destroys sounds.

We adopted the flexible Teflon coating steel tube as shield material, which has far more thickness then foil. This steel tube eliminates incidental sound, distortion and gives you overwhelming shield characteristic. Also wonderful flexibility which you can`t get in twist line cables.

CSF tube which cuts noise and absorbs electromagnetic wave
For outskirts of cable, we adopted CSF tube which contains carbon. Combination with teflon coating steel tube it increases the shield effect. Also, CSF tube cuts noise which comes out from the cable it self. It absorbs electromagnetic waves as well.

Newly developed plugs to make use of superior cable structure!
No matter how the cable is superior, if the plug quality is poor, it will destroys sound quality of the cable. A lot of expensive cable on the market uses very cheep plugs, which are made from poor materials and structure. To make the perfect plug, we join developed with a plug manufacture.

The new XLR interconnect "XLR-1.0PA II" has adopted the newly developed, original solderless XLR connector.
Most connectors commonly used in XLR interconnects attach the conductor by means of solder, but solder reduces conductivity and sound quality. Even if you use top quality audio grade solder, you still cannot avoid the degradation caused by solder. To circumvent this issue altogether, we at Acoustic Revive have recently developed an original solderless XLR connector with the assistance of one of Japan’s top quality audio connector and plug manufacturers.

The new connector affixes the conductor by means of a small gold plated screw. The contact parts are made from phosphor bronze polished to a mirror finish in order to maximize contact. The surface is then plated with silver and rhodium. Finally it is Super Cryogenically treated for ultimate sound quality, conductivity and durability. The outer case has been machined from a solid billet of 2017S Duralumin for superb resonance control. With the exception that the main body is machined from solid brass rather than phosphor bronze, this same method of construction is used in our original RCA plugs, spade lugs and banana plugs. You will enjoy a huge sound stage, superb imaging, tight and fast response, and bass with no coloration and distortion, free from leakage of stray electric current. With our solid core interconnects, the sound quality is so real it’s as if the interconnect doesn’t exist!

Pease click the photos in order to see large photo

Also for speaker cable terminal, newly developed rhodium plated Y rag and banana plug is available too.

We can put our RBN-1 (banana plug) and RYG-1 (Y rag) as a speaker cable terminal (Ask for a quote)

Totally handmade by specially chosen Japanese Meister!
Do you know that most of conventional cables are made from only cable and plug attached together? What this means that the cable its self is manufactured without actually been listened. The cable has to be manufactured in length of few thousand meters. The listening test is actually done after the cable is made. So the actual sound quality really depends on luck rather then trial manufacture.

ACOUSTIC REVIVE`s POWER REFERENCE and single core cables design starts from trial manufacture of conductor. The conductor, insulating material, buffer material, shielding material and structure is carefully tested and manufactured by meister. This is reason why we were able chose the perfect material and structure for sound quality.

Even now, to prevent each products from having different precision and finish, our cables our totally handmade by specially chosen meister within Japan. Even comparing from very expensive power supply cable, we are using excellent and expensive material which is totally handmade by specially chosen meister. So I’m sure that you will understand price and the cost performance of POWER REFERENCE.

The ultimate and totally different sound quality compared from conventional power supply cables
POWER REFERENCE which is made from carefully chosen material and handmade by specially chosen craftsman. The sound quality of POWER REFERENCE cable totally overturns the concept of conventional power supply cables sound quality. No incidental sound, no distortion and very clear sound position, very large soundstage by the oval shaped PCOCC-A single core. Smooth and realistic feel by the natural silk butter material and superb S/N ratio and transparence by the Teflon coated flexible copper pipe. You will be surprised by the sound quality of POWER REFERENCE.

If you want bring out the sound from your system which is totally different dimension, please contact your nearest ACOUSIC REVIVE dealer and rent a POWER REFERENCE. Then connect it to the up stream equipment such as, CD player or CD transporter. The beautiful sound will flow though your system and change your environment and will bring you pleasure.

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Episode of using Single Core Cable by recording enginner Tomoo Suzuki