High evaluation reviews!
Review by U.S magazine "Positive Feedback"
CS-2F review by U.S magazine "Affordable Audio"

Audio Excellence Award 2006 TOP Prize for accessories category
VISUAL GRAND-PRIX 2006 for Hometheater accessories

Principle and structure

Unused outlet is a factor of sound and picture quality deterioration!
Metal fittings of conduct part on wall outlet and power supply box is made of spring structured material.

This springs structured material starts to vibrated by speaker vibration and electric current itself. This causes the noise and distortion to start and destroys sound quality.

Greatly improve sound and picture quality!
You can easily improve the sound remarkably, just by inserting the CS-2F into one of the free outlet.

By inserting CS-2F, it controls the conduct parts vibration and reduces noise and distortion. It also improves picture quality greatly, such as DVD player and projector.

GIt shuts out noise from outside too!
Outer case of CS-2F is made of 2017 Duralumin. So not only controls vibration, just by inserting CS-2F it stop noise from outside to getting inside the outlet. Which improves S/N ratio.

Superior vibration control structure
Rhodium plated brass and 2017 Duralumin is used on conduct part of CS-2F to control vibration. Also, two kinds of polyolefin is used to increase the vibration control effect.

No side effect such as a noise filter! Feeling of throbbing pulse improves too!

There are similar products which adopt various parallel type noise filters. Parallel type noise filters are said to have not side effects such as loss of feeling of throbbing pulse and sound quality deterioration compared with series type noise filter.

But in reality, when you actually listen to the effect of parallel type noise filter, there are loss in feeling of throbbing pulse and sound quality deterioration.

Reducing noise or distortion and at the same time, reducing a feeling of throbbing pulse and sound pressure is illogical.

CS-2F does not have any side effects such as loss in feeling of throbbing pulse and sound pressure. It only eliminates noise and distortion.

Also the conduct parts of receptacle vibrate. So by inserting the CS-2F, it will improve the feeling of throbbing pulse and sound pressure will improve by its rectifying effect on conduct parts.

Vibration control characteristic further improve by epoch-making vibration control material!

We newly added the vibration control material sheet on CS-2F to further improve vibration control effect. is a sound quality adjustment material developed by professor Masao Sumita at Tokyo Institute of Technology by getting a Pre-venture support from JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency). is a epoch-making material and carries an overwhelming vibration control characteristic. It transfers and eliminates vibration energy from electrical energy to heat energy.

Stick the attached sheet onto the back of main body of CS-2. If the vibration control characteristic has matches well, the sound will become smoother and low end frequency will become powerful and a feeling of throbbing pulse will improve. On the other hand if the effect is too strong, the sound pressure and a feeling of throbbing pulse will decrease. So it that happens, please cut the sheet into a smaller peace.